IGSSA Philosophy

 Updated August 2014



  • To encourage girls to develop an interest in physical activity, participation, teamwork and the setting of personal goals that will continue in the post school years.

  • To provide an opportunity for every girl, regardless of her ability, to develop her physical potential through participation in graded sport.

  • To provide a pathway, through CIS, to more elite levels for those girls who qualify.

  • To assist girls to develop skills across a range of sports, to understand the rules of sport and to grow into positions of leadership within and beyond sport.

  • To bring girls from member schools together so that they may be enriched by exposure to different regions and cultures and by developing connections which cross-school boundaries.

  • To provide enjoyment, fun, relaxation and leisure as part of a balanced and fulfilled life.

  • To help girls appreciate their own worth as individuals, the benefits of learning to work as a member of a team and to develop the self-discipline and responsibility required by team membership.  Ultimately,

  • To establish habits of healthy living, fair play, good sporting conduct, generosity in recognizing the talents of others, the gracious acceptance of defeat and respect for the ruling of the umpire.