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Carnival Information 

Date : Wednesday 22 March 2017 - Friday 24 March 2017
Venue: Brittania Street, Pennant Hills Park
Map Link - http://goo.gl/maps/nU1gK

22 February 2017
Tildesley Shield - All Entries Due
6 March 2017
Tildesley Shield Committee Meeting – AHIGS
20 March 2017
Tildesley Shield Lines Girls Entries
22 March 2017
Tildesley Shield Tournament – Pennant Hills Park
23 March 2017
Tildesley Shield Tournament – Pennant Hills Park
24 March 2017
Tildesley Shield Tournament – Pennant Hills Park (Back Up Day)
29 March 2017
Tildesley Shield Feedback Forms
4 April 2017
Tildesley Shield Post Season Meeting – AHIGS
15 November 2017
Tildesley Shield 2018 School Enrolment Numbers

Carnivals - Tildesley

 TitleModified DateSize 
2016 TA Rules & Guidelines Appendix27/02/2017231.07 KBDownload
2017 Tildesley Risk Assessment27/02/201735.02 KBDownload
2017 Tildesley Rules & Guidelines 17/03/2017112.43 KBDownload
2017 Tildesley Shield Numbers20/12/201673.30 KBDownload
2017 Tildesley Shield Risk Warning20/12/201615.41 KBDownload
2017 Tildesley Tent and Cabana Alocation10/02/201753.00 KBDownload
Linesgirl and Chair Umpire Court Map17/03/201751.00 KBDownload
Tildesley Linesgirl and Chair Umpire Information17/03/2017257.74 KBDownload
Tildesley Score Sheet - Blank27/02/201733.00 KBDownload

Entry Information and Forms

 TitleModified DateSize 
2017 Tildesley Entry Numbers10/02/201773.30 KBDownload
2017 Tildesley Lines Girl Entries10/01/201711.64 KBDownload
2017 Tildesley Player Change Sheet 10/01/201713.20 KBDownload
2017 Tildesley Shield - ALL ENTRIES10/01/201714.49 KBDownload
2017 Tildesley Shield Feedback Form10/01/201763.55 KBDownload
Tildesley Shield Commitment of Entry Form for 201810/01/201763.78 KBDownload

Rep Teams

 TitleModified DateSize 
Complete list of Tildesley Champion Schools28/03/201781.95 KBDownload
IGSSA Representative Policy20/12/2016UnknownDownload
Tildesley Shield Doubles Runners Up28/03/2017101.44 KBDownload
Tildesley Shield Doubles Winners28/03/2017101.88 KBDownload
Tildesley Shield Singles Runners Up28/03/201798.31 KBDownload
Tildesley Shield Singles Winners28/03/201799.57 KBDownload